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Updated: October, 2017 - Online sports books can be quite intimidating to beginners. There are many things you will need to understand before you should start placing free sports bets in 2014. Before signing up at an online sports book you should do research on the company. Some bookmakers have spotless reputations and others have bad reputations. You should also verify that sports betting online is legal in your country. The best sportsbooks for U.S. players in 2014 are listed below. These live sports betting sites are the most popular places to bet on football, NFL spread betting for example. Here are the top US sports books in 2014:

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If you are in to betting on basketball you won’t find a better place to do it than these two US bookmakers. Both sportsbooks are also the top US gambling sites in 2014. This includes being the best poker rooms and casinos for players from the USA. named them the greatest online bookies ever to accept wagers from Americans. also ranked them highly even though they are sportsbooks that offer casino games on the side.

Whatever your needs and preferences are, we are ready to help you find best solutions. With reliable and secure online sports books, betting on sports has never been easier! With online sports books you can bet on a wide range of sports like football, baseball, hockey, tennis, basketball, and take advantage of free sports bets and great sports betting odds. Bookies like the 1 Bet Vegas sports book, Betuniq and Betcapri should be used cautiously. Online sportsbooks are simply much safer and better in 2014.

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Finding The Best Online US Sports Books

Betting on sport events can be fun and exciting, but you also want it to be profitable, right? The best U.S. sports books in 2014 don’t simply take your bets – they provide you with current information on how the betting odds and lines were established, and they will also give you good recommendations based on this information. I personally like a wide range of teaser bets. Sports book teaser bets are some of the most profitable ways to bet on sports.

For instance, the best sports books will be aware of injuries to key players and the way they might influence on the outcome of upcoming games. The best sports books will also be aware of any internal problems teams might be having and will be able to tell you which teams are hot.

The best sportsbooks for US citizens are looking for everything that can give their customers an edge. Cause if you are winning frequently, you feel that you can trust their recommendations, and thus you become a regular client. Of course it would be cool to bet on your favorite team every time and win, but your chances are much better when there are experts to help you. So choose a reliable sports book and lay your bets! Here is how you can make it: check on the following features of the top sports books:

We wish you good luck in dealing with a sports book you choose, and hope that our information will be helpful to you! Sports and Sports have been the top online sports betting sites for Americans for over 10 years. Winning a bet on Monday translates into cash in hand on Wednesday at the latest if you use withdrawal methods like Moneygram or Western Union.

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